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PC running slow? Popup problems? Redirected web pages? If experiencing these symptoms, Spyware or Viruses are possible culprits. All infections are eliminated using a combination of software and manual removal techniques. Severe infections can cause damage to system critical files. Backing up personal files, followed by the reinstallation of Windows is recommended in these cases.

Computer won’t boot?  No Internet?  Printing problems?

All manner of faults diagnosed and repaired, with on-site visits available at a time to suite you. No call out charge is required, and a FREE collect and return service within a reasonable distance is available for your convenience. Fixed prices will be given for repairs carried out in the workshop. Minor problems may be resolved using Remote Assistance.

PC running slow?  Noisy fans?  System crashing?

Regular servicing can help improve system performance, reliability and even prevent component failure, increasing the life span of a computer. Crashing, application hanging, slow processing, and random system restarts, are symptoms of a PC in need. Reduce the risk of file corruption, disk errors, data loss plus improve the time it takes the system to boot.

New PC and don’t know where to start?

PC installation can be problematic, especially  if new to computing. The services provided include: system assembly, printer and scanner installation, wireless Internet setup, email account creation, network integration and an overview of the system purchased. During installation take the opportunity to ask any questions that may arise.

Need a little help with Windows?

One to one tutoring tailored to meet the individuals requirements .Topics covered are: Getting to know Windows e.g. Navigation, file and folder creation, browsing the Internet, using an email account, backing up, Internet security etc.

Learn at a suitable pace, start at a suitable place.

Problems with email?

Unable to send or receive email? Attachment failure? Sound familiar? Misconfiguration, migration to a new Internet service provider, possibly server down time, could be an explanation.

These problems and others can be quickly diagnosed and resolved either on-site or using Remote Assistance.

Difficulty setting up Broadband or Wireless Internet?

Some broadband Internet connections are very simple and straight forward to setup, while others can be more of a challenge, especially if using wireless technology. The services provided include: installation and configuration of broadband equipment, applying security to wireless connections and establishing printer and file sharing across networks.

Need a helping hand? Can’t wait for a call out?

Remote Assistance enables a PC can be controlled from another location via the Internet. This could be all that's needed to resolve minor problems. The process is secure, and when the session has ended reconnection cannot take place unless a new ID is generated by  the client.

Accidentally deleted files? Unable to boot? Need to transfer files?

There are many reasons for data loss, e.g. system failure, accidental deletion or formatting. In many cases as long as the hardware is not physically damaged, or lost data over written, recovery is possible.

Want to move files from one location to another? For example, from an old PC to a new one. A data transfer service is available.

Value for money guaranteed.

On-site services are charged at a competitive rate, plus the price of any components required, with no call out fee.  FREE estimates are given and a fixed price will be quoted for work carried out at the workshop. FREE PC collect and return service is available, to customers located within a reasonable distance. Remote Assistance (see above) charges are based on a per 15 minute session rate which is less than the on call cost.

Computer repairs Shardend. Computer repair Kingsbury. Computer repair Coleshill.

The links below are a few tried and trusted FREE (for personal use only) Internet security programs.

Click an icon to download and try one for yourself.

Not sure which PC to buy?

If  this is a first computer, or replacement system, choosing a custom build will meet the individuals requirements. The best possible components are used to ensure reliability, and, stay within budget. The service also includes: FREE installation, network integration, Internet and printer setup, plus data transfer from an old system (If required).